Tuesday, January 24, 2017

jen's chloe decker/lucifer morningstar fic recs

chloe decker/lucifer morningstar
  • Wings Are for Chickens by FearTheSpork [When Lucifer does a good deed for Chloe and Trixie, he’s rewarded. Although he isn’t too sure if he likes what he’s got.]
  • Exculpatory by astolat [“You can’t really be this sad over him,” Lucifer said a little desperately. “He’s missed your birthday, twice!”]

Monday, January 23, 2017

jen's james olsen/winn schott jr fic recs

james olsen/winn schott jr

jen's chirrut îmwe/baze malbus fic recs

chirrut îmwe/baze malbus

jen's cassian andor/jyn erso fic recs

cassian andor/jyn erso

jen’s star wars: rogue one general fics recs

jen's cassian andor/k-2so fic recs

cassian andor/k-2so
  • a_fault_in_my_code.exe by architect (thetactician) [K2SO is one-of-a-kind, the product of glitches and broken coding. Even if he was re-uploaded onto a different server, that droid would not be this K2SO; this sentient creature. This is, as the organics say, it.]
  • Etched on your Skin by smaragdbird [Cassian always had a seemingly random string of letters and numbers on his wrist but he wasn't too concerned since he knew that people like clone troopers only had identification numbers instead of names. No one ever thought that the name printed on one Kx unit's wrist was anything but a production error. After all droids couldn't have soulmates since they didn't have a soul, did they?]
  • Define Love by smaragdbird [Faced with high chances that they're going to die, K-2SO has something he wants to tell Cassian]

Sunday, January 22, 2017

jen's derek nurse/william poindexter fic recs

derek nurse/william poindexter
  • Crossed Wires by lecrivaineanonyme [Will snorts. "You are unreal,” he says, shaking his head. “I’ve had people in here crying because they downloaded a virus that can be removed in two minutes, and here you are with pie-filling in your computer, joking about how at least you didn’t fucking put rice in it.” Derek grins. “It’s chill,” he replies, scratching the back of his neck. “Why worry? I know you got my back.” Also known as the one where Nursey is constantly fucking up his laptop and Dex is the lucky Best Buy employee who gets to fix it.]
  • hey it’s whatever shawty by achilleees [five times chowder witnesses nursey going out of his way to watch dex's back.]
  • don't mind you under my skin by Springsteen [Dex shows up to hockey practice one day with what looks like a hickey near his hip, and Nursey is not okay, Nursey is not chill, Nursey is incredibly jealous.]
  • but you've got stars in your eyes by payneclinic [Dex finds a notebook of poems Nursey wrote. The poems, in short, have No Chill.]
  • Fix or Fight by alocalband [Dex (reluctantly) drives down to New York to check on Nursey the summer before their junior year.]