Monday, June 19, 2017

jen's joshua faraday/vasquez fic recs

joshua faraday/vasquez
  • You Push, I Push Back by Hazel_Athena [He’s nine years old when the words Oh good, we got us a Mexican appear curled around his left bicep, and his mama bursts into tears at the sight of them.]
  • I Can Fix That by Hazel_Athena [Not bothering to think about what he looks like, Faraday stumbles downstairs and over to the front door, hauling it open and blinking in the early morning sunlight. He freezes mid-yawn. There may or may not be a male model standing on his front porch. He can’t be sure.]
  • Standing Right Here by Hazel_Athena [Still waiting for Vasquez to decide what his next move in their game is going to be, Faraday scratches at the beard scruff along one side of his jaw as he considers how best to respond. "Well," he says slowly, "I'm just sayin', if guero means handsome, and you were usin' it as early as when we first showed up in Rose Creek, now, a fella could get the wrong impression. Not that I blame you, of course. I do cut quite an impressive figure."]
  • Minor Quests by ThrillingDetectiveTales [There was nothing particularly extraordinary that Josh could see at a glance. He had a cut high on one cheek that could have come from any number of things during the skirmish, the edges of it bruise-dark though it wasn’t especially large or nasty. His eyes were the same green as always - just this side of too bright to be natural though that particular oddity was one that most folk were willing to forgive, writing it off as a fault of their memories making him seem somehow more than he really was. His hair was on the shorter side, a dark, rusty ginger - one of the few traits from his mother that had held fast through the elven blood - and it curled over his forehead in places, tufting out in front of his ears like anyone’s might a handful of months out from a proper cut. That was where the illusion fell apart, though. The ears. It was always the ears that gave him away.]
  • set it free by itsmylifekay [Faraday wonders if folks have somehow gotten milder in the past months or if he’s doing something wrong himself, but he can’t for the life of him figure out what that is.]
  • This Night Ain't for the Holy Man by ThrillingDetectiveTales [If it had just been the once, Faraday thought a little desperately, they could have shrugged it off as a drunken mistake - Lord knew they'd both been fairly well corned that night, riding high on the success of their grand entry into town. Twice even, and they might have managed it. Yet here he was for the fifth or sixth time in half as many days, sprawled on his back across one of mattresses upstairs in the Imperial with Vasquez between his legs while the saloon rolled merrily on below.]

Thursday, June 1, 2017

jen's batman/joker fic recs

  • This is Better Than the Two Boats by Slenderlock [Everything should be fine now, except it isn't. Why does Batman still seem to brush Joker off? Why won't he listen to anything Joker says? Why won't he just get that they're supposed to be best enemies now? Well. Maybe his roommate Bruce Wayne can help.]

Monday, May 29, 2017

jen's magnus bane/alec lightwood fic recs

magnus bane/alec lightwood
  • Per Aspera by beatperfume [Captain Alec Lightwood goes to Atlantis, fights Wraith, gets soul bonded, gets kidnapped, gets sex pollened, blows stuff up, and falls in love. Mostly in that order. A Stargate Atlantis AU.]
  • Time and Tide by beatperfume [Captain Alec Lightwood is just trying to lose his virginity here. But between a surprise visit from General Lightwood, a newcomer to Atlantis, and family secrets popping up all over the place, he's going to have his hands full. And not in the fun way.]
  • Allegiance by misspamela [In one of Izzy’s earliest memories, she was watching a mundane family eating pizza. She remembered remembers pressing her small face against the glass of the storefront window, her breath fogging around her, giving the scene inside the restaurant an even more dreamlike feel. A father, tickling the feet of a small girl, who was squealing and slapping her hands on the table as she giggled. A mother, carefully wiping sauce from her son’s mouth, lecturing him about the mess with a smile on her face. Izzy remembered tugging on Alec’s hand, saying, “Look, they’re just like us, but happy.” “They’re mundanes,” Alec had said, barely glancing at them as he leaned against the fogged-up glass. “They’re nothing like us.”]
  • to begin with by misspamela [“Okay,” Magnus says gently, pushing him upright and putting a few inches of space between them. He’s got his hand fisted in Alec’s shirt and he’s not pulling away, but Alec’s heart still pounds harder. Please,don't let him back out now. “You need to take a couple of breaths.” He presses his forehead to Alec’s, stroking the back of his neck. “Hi,” he whispers, looking up at Alec through his lashes. He smiles, slow and gentle, and so beautiful. Alec can feel himself smiling in return, helplessly. “Hi yourself,” he whispers back.]

jen's guardians of the galaxy family recs

general family feels 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

jen's chloe decker/lucifer morningstar fic recs

chloe decker/lucifer morningstar
  • Wings Are for Chickens by FearTheSpork [When Lucifer does a good deed for Chloe and Trixie, he’s rewarded. Although he isn’t too sure if he likes what he’s got.]
  • Exculpatory by astolat [“You can’t really be this sad over him,” Lucifer said a little desperately. “He’s missed your birthday, twice!”]

Monday, January 23, 2017

jen's james olsen/winn schott jr fic recs

james olsen/winn schott jr

jen's chirrut îmwe/baze malbus fic recs

chirrut îmwe/baze malbus