Friday, December 15, 2017

jen's draco malfoy/ron weasley fic recs

draco malfoy/ron weasley
  • Don't Let's Start by skoosiepants [He smiled a very small smile, thinking that the sleepy-eyed, mussed Malfoy he'd stumbled upon that morning had been the most appealing thing he'd seen in years. Which was, when he came right down to it, a truly horrifying thought. Ron really needed to get out more.]
  • Dance the Night Away (aka. It's True Love, you Bastards) by Evandar [It wasn’t Malfoy’s fault that Ron asked him to the Ball as a joke and then chickened out of admitting it. Everything else, however, is Malfoy’s fault. All of it. Except…Ron really can’t bring himself to care.]
  • Go Far by skoosiepants [The Pegasus Galaxy wanted Ron dead.]
  • Ron Weasley and the Forgotten Boyfriend by EntreNous [Ron Weasley has forgotten something very important. Now if only he could remember exactly what it was. Fortunately, or not so fortunately, he has Draco Malfoy to help him put the pieces together.]
  • Staring by rons_pigwidgeon [Draco has a staring problem and Pansy has had enough.]
  • Fairy Cake Felicity by EntreNous [Ron's hidden obsession with cocks becomes manifest in some surprisingly profitable ways.]

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

jen's steve rogers/james "bucky" barnes identity porn fic recs

identity porn
  • a blade with no handle by ftmsteverogers [“I’m Captain Rogers,” Steve said, once the Winter Soldier had joined them and took off his motorcycle helmet, shaking his mane of hair free. “You must be the Winter Soldier.” “That’s what they call me,” the Winter Soldier replied. His mask took up three quarters of his face and his eyes were hidden behind a pair of goggles, but Steve could still hear the hostility in his voice. Steve pasted on a smile and stuck out a hand for him to shake. “Welcome to the Avengers.”]

Saturday, September 9, 2017

jen's kravitz/taako fic recs

  • Introversion by AnonymousPuzzler [A quiet night in turns into a boisterous group get-together, much to Taako and Kravitz's dismay. Especially Kravitz's.]
  • Faux Paw by robinauts [Taako has a secret relationship. Kravitz has a beloved pomeranian. Magnus has a really really really good morning. Like, a GREAT morning.]
  • When You're Ready by robinauts [Of all the places for him to realize it, it’s a god damn grocery store. (Taako makes dinner and is happy.)]

Saturday, July 1, 2017

jen's drax the destroyer/peter quill fic recs


drax the destroyer/peter quill
  • A Mutual Exercise by Jaune_Chat [It all started when Drax turned to him one day and said "So, Starlord, do you wish to share my bed?"]
  • Pillow Talk by aunt_zelda [Post-coital, Drax tells Peter about his wife and daughter; Peter later tells Drax about his mother and grandfather.]
  • Lit On Up by Salmon_Pink [Sex pollen/aphrodisiac prompt.]
  • Walking On Eggshells by CAPSING ["You can't always get what you want," claimed The Rolling Stones in 1969. Too bad Meredith didn't pass on those words of wisdom on one of her mix-tapes.]

jen's joshua faraday/vasquez fic recs

joshua faraday/vasquez
  • You Push, I Push Back by Hazel_Athena [He’s nine years old when the words Oh good, we got us a Mexican appear curled around his left bicep, and his mama bursts into tears at the sight of them.]
  • I Can Fix That by Hazel_Athena [Not bothering to think about what he looks like, Faraday stumbles downstairs and over to the front door, hauling it open and blinking in the early morning sunlight. He freezes mid-yawn. There may or may not be a male model standing on his front porch. He can’t be sure.]
  • Standing Right Here by Hazel_Athena [Still waiting for Vasquez to decide what his next move in their game is going to be, Faraday scratches at the beard scruff along one side of his jaw as he considers how best to respond. "Well," he says slowly, "I'm just sayin', if guero means handsome, and you were usin' it as early as when we first showed up in Rose Creek, now, a fella could get the wrong impression. Not that I blame you, of course. I do cut quite an impressive figure."]
  • Minor Quests by ThrillingDetectiveTales [There was nothing particularly extraordinary that Josh could see at a glance. He had a cut high on one cheek that could have come from any number of things during the skirmish, the edges of it bruise-dark though it wasn’t especially large or nasty. His eyes were the same green as always - just this side of too bright to be natural though that particular oddity was one that most folk were willing to forgive, writing it off as a fault of their memories making him seem somehow more than he really was. His hair was on the shorter side, a dark, rusty ginger - one of the few traits from his mother that had held fast through the elven blood - and it curled over his forehead in places, tufting out in front of his ears like anyone’s might a handful of months out from a proper cut. That was where the illusion fell apart, though. The ears. It was always the ears that gave him away.]
  • set it free by itsmylifekay [Faraday wonders if folks have somehow gotten milder in the past months or if he’s doing something wrong himself, but he can’t for the life of him figure out what that is.]
  • This Night Ain't for the Holy Man by ThrillingDetectiveTales [If it had just been the once, Faraday thought a little desperately, they could have shrugged it off as a drunken mistake - Lord knew they'd both been fairly well corned that night, riding high on the success of their grand entry into town. Twice even, and they might have managed it. Yet here he was for the fifth or sixth time in half as many days, sprawled on his back across one of mattresses upstairs in the Imperial with Vasquez between his legs while the saloon rolled merrily on below.]
  • Cowboys by SnubbingApollo [It's cold in the room they've rented for the night, and Vasquez is very warm. And handsome, not that Faraday would admit it if he was asked. And Faraday's heard stories.]
  • Sweet talkers by SnubbingApollo [Faraday contemplates his new relationship with Vasquez, and decides there's really no reason at all to be afraid.]
  • Love Me Tender, Love Me Sweet by AndreaLyn [Faraday's made some stupid mistakes over the course of his life, but using a love spell he won off the Pigeon boys in a poker game might just be the stupidest of them all.]
  • Hail Those Left Behind by Hazel_Athena [Vasquez frowns now, as if he's just thought of something he doesn't much care for. "Is this why you've been so difficult lately? All your picking and prodding - always being in things you should not - was it you trying to create a reason for us to leave you behind?"]
  • Series]

jen's sendak/shiro fic recs

  • Just Married by CAPSING [Shiro learns three important things during the Kerberos mission: 1. Aliens exist. 2. They speak English. 3. They are as enthusiastic about the institution of marriage as Jewish moms. In which Shiro has to take one for the team and get married into the Galra Empire. (And by team I mean Earth, that faces complete and utter annihilation if Shiro refuses.)]
  • Bake Bread - Get Laid by CAPSING [They say the way into a man’s heart is through his stomach. Luckily for Shiro, Sendak’s got three. Or: The space-port coffee shop AU where cinnamon rolls are a mean of seduction.]

Saturday, June 24, 2017

jen's diana prince/steve trevor fic recs

diana prince/steve trevor
  • Keep Me Running by caramelle [Or, the one where Steve and Diana meet at the gym.]
  • Working My Way Back to You by cirnellie [Exactly a week after the war officially ends, Steve Trevor opens his eyes to find himself soaking wet and flat on his back on a very familiar beach, with a large crowd of angry Amazonian women staring down at him. “Oh boy,” says Steve.]